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With decades of combined mining & materials processing experience, MEGA-Drain™ delivers an integrated, water management decant solution for drying prep and tailing management with new economics.


MEGA-Drain has developed a globally patent-pending,  press-less, dry-stack tailings and water management system that significantly reduces the footprint requirements, the complexity and the capital and operating costs of dry-stacking.  The MEGA-drain™ system reduces a  project’s total requirements for water.  The MEGA-Drain™ system does not require filter presses or the facilities to house them.  The MEGA-Drain™ process is passive, gravity-driven, and removes more moisture, faster,  than that removed by filter-press-based solutions. The MEGA-Drain™ Solution is a scalable, modular, simply installed, rapidly constructed, materials drying and water collection system. MEGA-Drain™ expects that the MEGA-Drain™ integrated materials drying, and water management system will become “best practice” across the mining industry and replace the use of the significantly more complex, less efficient, less effective and more costly, dry-stacking systems dependent on the use of Filter-Presses.

Water is an asset, not a liability. 

From Liability to Asset;

    From Cost to Revenue;

        From WIP to Tailings;

            It’s a Recovery Play.

Optimally engineered, to rapidly dry stockpiled ore, recover decant, hold, and treat decant, and allow for dry-stacked tailings management without the use of mechanical filter presses.

Optimally Engineered:


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