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What is MEGA-Drain ?


MEGA-Drain™is “the” Moisture Eliminating Gravity Apparatus!
MEGA-Drain™ is made for the mining and bulk material handling industries.
MEGA-Drain™ is the future of managing moisture reduction in production stockpiles.
MEGA-Drain™ is the only “smart” drain system for the 21st century for environmentally conscious operators using zero energy while conserving water.
MEGA-Drain™ is singularly focused on managing a water lifecycle to include treatment and evaporation elimination.
MEGA-Drain™ is bringing a solution to mine tailings management with the only press-less dry stack option at conventional tailings operations cost.

How Dry - How Fast?

A simple, more effective drying solution for hard rock mining concentrate producers
A low-carbon passive drying solution for mining and processing production materials. 

Washed, milled, ground, and processed materials are adopting higher

standards to production.
Reduce decanting time to hours instead of days.

Reduce stockpiled material moisture contents sub 5% to low single digits rapidly.
Eliminate material rehandling.
Reduce fuel consumption and carbon footprint.
Reduce plant upset conditions with consistent low moisture feed stock.
Reduce OPEX with discernable and accurate CAPEX for asset.

Increase production 20 -35%.
Increase EBITDA with measurable ROI.
Increase plant/production options by increasing water reserves.
Increase market capitalization.

How Does it Work?


Gravity – passive/simple
Low slope angle - uncomplicated for site suitability, construction, design-build, and operations
Hydraulic Conductivity - the drain creates vast permeability and rapidly drains saturated materials
Increased Void space – no stone, no pipes, no pumps, no equipment to break down or blind off
Accessible – large access hatches strategically placed per client’s needs
Ability to Inspect – operations personnel are trained on how to properly and timely inspect
Ability to Clean – the only drain system that can be cleaned to extend the life of the system
Ability to Heat – the only drain system that can keep producing in cold climate conditions
Longer season – produced through the winter season
Structural – designed to withstand stockpile and equipment loading only drain system to guarantee live load, dead load, and creep of the system
Proprietary Smart Technology – keep your equipment operations safely above the drain vault
Proprietary Smart Monitoring –  system monitoring for water flow, gas detection, chemical additives
Propper Venting – create and maximize negative pressure to maximize material decanting

What Equipment Can I Operate on My MEGA-Drain™?

Loaders – 980, 982, 988, 992 and 995 Caterpillar and equivalents

Dozers – any dozers up to CAT D11 and equivalent

Articulated Trucks – Komatsu HM 300—5, HM 400-5, and equivalents

Excavators – any excavator size up to 395 Caterpillar and equivalents

Where Can We Apply This Solution?

Tailings stream of Underflow / Overflow from cyclone discharge – recover water at the end stage of processing

Production stockpiles from Radial Stackers / Cyclones / Trippers / Tunnels & Reclaimers

Water Storage–lined impoundments with floating covers lasting 30 years!

Who Installs It?

MEGA-Drain (Logo) Photos (293 × 425 px).png

MEGA-Drain’s team of professionals will design, build, and deliver a fully operational dewatering and storage facility and product, traceable from raw materials to jobsite globally!

How Is MEGA-Drain™ Qualified?

  • Proven system installations at 4 million ton per year operations with satisfied clients

  • Strategic team of experts with exclusive and manufacturer's engineering teams and quality assurance

  • 13 Geologist

  • 2 Hydrologists

  • 5 Structural Engineers

  • 3 Environmental Experts, CPESC Certified

  • Geomembrane Lining Industry Experts / IAGI Former President on the Board of Directors

  • 1 SR/WA Senior Right of Way Professional – Generalist


How Safe is MEGA-Drain™?

All drainage components are ISO made in the USA.

All products pass creep testing, live load simulation, dead load simulation and temperature ranges -65C to +140F.

All drain components are chemically non-reactive.

All drain geosynthetic material are designed specific to each site with appropriate material specifications. 

All designs are modeled with Pass/Fail reports for operations with engineering sign offs.

All installs are performed with MSHA and OSHA / First Aid / CPR trained and certified professionals.

What Happens After I Purchase a MEGA-Drain™?


The full scope of work will be delivered and presented as processes and procedures with a construction schedule.

On-site project management with professional staff.

All geosynthetic materials are delivered and verified on-site prior to construction commencement.

Brownfield Project:  installation of systems will work within the daily production activities.

Greenfield:  daily/weekly involvement with PM’s, client engineers, submittals, CAD design adjustments as necessary for design-build.

What Happens After Our MEGA-Drain™ Asset Is Installed?

An O&M plan with operational SOP tailored specifically to the project.

As-built survey of system installed with CAD drawings and 3D renderings.

Training of equipment with operators, office management & owners.

A full field training with mining operators, office management & owners.

Night shift and day shift monitoring with staff geologist and Technical Team of MEGA-Drain as O&M implantation advances.

Option to purchase scheduled inspections and cleaning of the system by MEGA-Drain.

Warranty of installation.

What If We Break Our MEGA-Drain™ ?

MEGA-Drain™  is the only drain system with an engineered process

and procedure for repairs and the manufacturer inspects the repair to

ensure warrant ability.

MEGA-Drain™  has replacement material in stock 24/7.

MEGA-Drain™ has 24/7 ability to dispatch repair technicians

domestically and internationally.

Where Can We Have Our MEGA-Drain™ Asset Installed?


Canada, US, Australia, Latin America, and Europe!

What Does MEGA-Drain™ Cost?

MEGA-Drain™ has 4 options available for installation at any mine site application.

MEGA-Drain™ can be designed to fit almost any budget.

We will calculate:

  1. Each client’s site-specific installed Cost/$SF, Return on Investment (ROI), payback period (typically 6 months) with calculated decant volumes, and sprint capacity forecast. (NDA required)

  2. Each client's percent (%) thru-put increase and deficiency from nameplate as relates to rotary drier usage (NDA required)

  3. Calculate Natural Gas savings applicable to tonnage via rotary driers (NDA required)

MEGA-Drain™ will cost less in a shorter time, with less CAPEX saving OPEX with less downtime than conventional methods with realized ROI in less time than imagined!

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